Goodbye to Madagascar

(I arrived in Seattle last night at about 10:30….after a 12-hour flight from Madagascar to Paris, a ten-hour flight from Paris to Detroit, and another 4 ½ hours to Seattle.  I have a cough, bleary eyes, and a tired body……but I’m otherwise healthy. No bubonic plague.) On the plane from Paris to Detroit Hi All, I’m so tired of planes and airports! Lars, Nirin, and I left Madagascar at about 2:30 AM, got into Paris Continue Reading →

Traveling in Madagascar

Hi All, I’m nearing the end of my Madagascar adventure, and I promised news before I left. I’m here with my friends, Lars and Nirin, from Nantes, France. They’ve been here before, and I happily left all the planning to them. (Nirin’s father is from here, and Nirin knows the country well.) They’ve been taking great care of me….carrying my bags, holding my hand across high steps, and researching food (Lars is a professional chef Continue Reading →


Just a few words to let you know that I’m about to begin another adventure. On February 18th I take off for Paris where I will meet my pals, Lars and Nirin and together we are going to Madagascar. (I have no idea what is going on with this blog…but it’s definitely not doing what I want it to do!) Nirin’s family is from there and he’s also a doctor…..and I love that! Especially since the Continue Reading →