Alert: Fraudulent Instagram Account

Hi Friends,

I posted this to Facebook but also wanted to let you know this way.

Someone has set up a fraudulent Instagram account mirroring my real one and is direct contacting followers (who think it is me) and trying to scam them. Thanks to a friend who alerted me to this, I have let Instagram know to shut it down. The profile photo is the same but the difference is that my actual Instagram account is ritagoldengelman and the fraudulent one is rita.goldengelman (with a period after rita) and they had about 55 followers when I last looked while I have over 600. Please unfollow this account immediately if you are following. They have done research on me, knowing my books and such, and in terrible English, try to get people to donate to a fake cause. If each of you could also send Instagram a notification of this fraud, I would appreciate it. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

I’m doing okay otherwise. I have slowed down a lot and am basically quarantined in Seattle feeling very lazy. Hope you are all doing well. Stay safe and wear a mask.