I Move Into the Music


André Rieu takes me out of the present and I move into the music and especially the reactions of the people in the audience…and his involvement in the people and the music and the instruments. I like to see him playing which is interesting because most directors do not play an instrument while conducting. And I think he must encourage his orchestra to react. They are always smiling…I don’t know if it’s the Dutch way or his – the audience stands up and sways and smiles and kiss one another and it’s such a delight to watch. The camera picks up the couples who are interacting; they kiss and laugh. I just enjoy him so much.

At the end of the program there were billions of people from different venues marching in the aisles and lining up in their white jackets. I have now spent two afternoons smiling, which doesn’t happen much these days.

Enjoy ~ I’d love to hear from you!