Hi All

Well, it’s been nine months since I posted here. Lately I’ve been getting sensitively-phrased e-mails asking me how I am. Everyone knows, because I’ve been totally open about it, that I am 79-years-old; and the implicit meaning of the question is….are you still alive?  A legitimate question. Yes, I am.

The reason I haven’t posted any new stuff is that I was hacked, and the software I was using to write the blogs disappeared from my screen when Microsoft deleted and reinstalled everything. But today, my new friend and tech-tutor, Gabby de Janasz (she’s 21!), helped me set up this new blot-spot. Hooray!

So what have I been doing since February? Not a whole lot. I’ve spent a lot of time in Seattle at Jan’s house, some time in Oregon at my friend, Bonita’s, and the big news is that I am going to Rwanda with my daughter, Jan, on November 15th for three weeks. Thanksgiving with gorillas!

Jan is making the plans (she’s actually been there before and has a bunch of friends that we will see). These days my solitary, nomadic lifestyle has yielded to traveling with others, especially if they are willing to make the plans. My last major travel was to Madagascar and that was with my good friends, Lars and Nirin, who did all the planning.  (Remember them from Tales of a Female Nomad?).  Nirin’s father was from Madagascar; they are in their 50’s….strong and healthy.

I’m pretty healthy, but I’m not great at carrying heavy bags or making major arrangements.

That’s all for now. I will write next when I am in Rwanda. I will definitely add some gorilla pictures to accompany the orangutans!!   Have a great Thanksgiving.

Love, Rita