Children’s Books


Here is a doodler doodling. And here are her doodles. Here is a book starring twenty-one words, a blank piece of paper, and a train of thought.

And you will be amazed. WOW!


Queen Esther Saves Her People

The story of Purim is told in a lively, modern style that makes this biblical tale come alive with humanity and passion. The illustrations are a powerful yet gentle reflection of this story of a remarkable young woman whose strength and courage saved the Jewish people of ancient Persia from the edict of the evil Haman.

book-riceRice is Life

The author lived for eight years in Bali. Her poems about the animals who live in the rice fields and the people who depend upon the harvest reflect her deep love for the Balinese people.


book-pizzaPizza Pat

A funny story (set to the rhythm of This is the House that Jack Built) about the building of chef Pat’s pizza. The repetition of sounds (floppy, gloppy, sloppy, choppy, chewy, gooey) makes this fun to read, and the surprise ending gives it a delightful twist.



Mole in a Hole

This is a rebus book where pictures appear in the middle of the text and kids as young as one and a half have a great time “reading” the pictures. It’s the story of a mole whose underground lifestyle is lonely until he meets another mole who shares his aversion to the sun.


book-more_spaghettiMore Spaghetti, I Say!

Wacky, wild, and absurd, this story is about a little girl monkey named Minnie who can’t get enough spaghetti, and her friend who wants her to stop eating and play. The book, written in lively rhyme, is a favorite in first grade classrooms. It’s guaranteed to send children from two on up into hysterics.

This also comes in a Big Book size.

book-whyWhy Can’t I Fly?

It’s the author’s favorite book out of all that she’s written. Minnie the monkey (she of the spaghetti passion) is determined to fly. Her flying friends try to analyze the act. Do they fly because they have feathers or songs or spots or wings? Minnie tries them all. “So she put on her wings and she climbed to the top/ And she said, ‘I can fly, I can fly, I can flop.’” The refrain is repeated over and over again and kids can’t wait to join in.

This one is a Big Book too.

book-helloHello, Cat, You Need a Hat

Witch hats, bee hats, band hats, helmets. Bride hats, fireman hats, propeller hats, team hats. This is a fun book with lots of hats and a cat who refuses to wear one.




This was written as part of the anti-drug, aids-education program for the earliest grades. It’s a celebration of our “super sensational, what-a-creational fabulous body” and the mechanisms we have to protect it from the enemy: skin, stomach acid, ear wax, cilia, mucus. And against drugs, our most powerful mechanism, our super sensational brains. (Also in Spanish, Las Batallas del Cuerpo.)

book-queQue son los cientificos?

Also in English, What are Scientists? What do they do? This is a rap-style summary of what all the different kinds of scientists do. It takes the reader well beyond the stereotypical “scientist-in-a-white-coat-with-test-tube-in-hand.” There are scientists in pony tail and scientists in shorts, scientists who like to run and scientists who prefer to read. Biologists, chemists, physicists, geologists, meteorologists, doctors and dentists and veterinarians. The point of the book is that there is room in the science fields for everyone. (Written with Susan Kovacs Buxbaum.)


Vampires and Other Creatures of the Night

Drawing heavily on medieval sources and personal accounts, this is filled with fabulous legends of vampires and werewolves. Presented as a non-fiction book with plenty of disclaimers such as “it is said” and” so they say,” it’s an exciting read; and just in case, it includes instructions on what to do if you should happen to meet one of these creatures. (Written with Nancy Lamb Austin.)