My chateau in France

Hi All,

I made it to the chateau in France four days ago and my body is almost adjusted! Even that brief stay has deeply affected my peace of mind. The view of the Loire Valley is absolutely gorgeous. Looking out at exquisite rows of trees and hills and grassy plains….and of course, a few other castles….while standing on my own castle-patio…does wonderful things to my soul!

The hosts, Lars and Nirin are warm and welcoming. Lars is a professional chef and Nirin is a doctor! I feel both pampered and protected!! (Lars is from Sweden, and Nirin is half-Danish and half from Madagascar. Both have been living in France for many years.) I have happily` traveled with them all over the world.

If you are in need of a change, a new comfort level, a oneness with the world, have a look at the website:….and make a reservation. (The first text you see is in French; but if you click on the British flag in the upper right-hand corner, you will get it in English).

I flew here with a reader of my book (Tales of a Female Nomad, Living at Large in the World) who just  told me that the aches and pains she was suffering when she left the U.S. have disappeared!! That could have something to do with the very comfortable mattresses and the warmth of our welcome.

Dinner conversations have been amazing….and so are the dinners (and diners). We’ve met guests from France, Greece, Germany, Canada, and the United States. Chateau Roche has three bed-and-breakfast rooms….and lots of stimulating discussions.

Lars and Nirin are meticulous….the table setting (we’ve been eating outside on the patio) is always perfect, and the food is often an incredibly delicious surprise: fish from the Loire River in our backyard, fresh artichokes from the garden, chicken and fresh eggs from the farmer next door, sauces created by Lars from herbs on the property, cheeses, elderberry ice cream, chocolate things, raspberry puffs. It’s all been fabulous. If you want your anxieties to disappear, your smile to come back, your sense of belonging to be aroused…………do come visit Lars and Nirin at Chateau Haute Roche. I promise you’ll love them and their chateau.

Oh, and you can get a massage, take art classes (I’m about to begin!), get into yoga, do cooking classes with Lars, take long walks through the gardens, and wander among the trees.

There’s lots to do off-sight if you want to visit cathedrals, other castles, bustling markets. You can take walks on the woodsy property, or sit and stare into space…happily enjoying the morning and evening sun, and embracing the peace and serenity you are feeling inside.

A visit to Chateau Roche could change your life !!!