17 Tips to Break Down Your Inhibitions


Many people ask me: How did I do it? I gave up my glamorous life and became a nomad…for 28 years and counting! My advice is to start small. You’d be amazed that the smallest changes can have big impacts. Break the norm and mold the life you want.

Here are 17 fun things to try that will help you break down your inhibitions and rewire your life:

  1. Start the day by brushing your teeth with the other hand.
  2. Eat dinner food for breakfast
  3. Take a different route to school or work, down streets or paths you’ve never been on.
  4. Buy a vegetable or fruit that you’ve never tried and figure out what to do with it.
  5. Sit at a different place in the classroom or at work.
  6. Eat dessert first.
  7. Talk to a stranger in line with you at a supermarket or bank.
  8. Ask a professor or superior at work to have lunch with you.
  9. Ask people what they do for fun instead of what kind of work they do.
  10. Go to an event without makeup; or if you never wear makeup, put it on for a day – a lot of it.
  11. Go to the movies by yourself.
  12. Walk around with a sketchbook, sketching, if you think you can’t draw.
  13. Invite someone you don’t know to sit with you for lunch.
  14. If you’re a non-stop do-er, spend a weekend doing nothing. (Just what is nothing?)
  15. Eat a half-gallon of ice cream instead of dinner.
  16. Take a walk in the pouring rain.
  17. Go to Clown Camp. (Check out: Mooseburger Clown Camp)

Come up with your own list of things that are outside your personal comfort zone, things that make you feel foolish or silly.

Then do them! And have fun.




Photo courtesy of UnSplash.com.