Pre-publication comments from people in the trade

Dear Rita, and Elaine – I just got some great news; Susan Spano, the travel writer for the LA Times, is a friend of a friend of an editor here, who agreed to send a copy of the galleys to her, and she loves the book — she said it’s the book she wishes she had written — and she is planning to write a piece featuring the book. ~ Emily Loose, Senior Editor, Crown Publishers

Dear Rita,
I really just want to say thank you for writing and sharing such an honest, heartfelt and moving tale of your extraordinary life. As I finished your book I was overcome by a need to tell you how much I loved your story… I really enjoyed your book!
I appreciate your quiet ambition and envy your courage. Most of all, I thank you for opening a window into a world of people rather than a world of places. I’ve never felt more eager to meet the people I do not know and travel to their beautiful “places” and homes.
Your book may be included on a list of books to read this summer in Condé Nast Traveler’s May issue. Hopefully, with the grace of the design department, I will get my way, but I can’t promise anything.
As a reader, not a reviewer, I just wanted you to know that I found your book truly special.
Thank you and congratulations on a book wonderfully well-done.

Hi Rita, just wanted you to know that the writer (a woman) who is working on your release is madly in love with your book! As a matter of fact -there is a real buzz here from the people who have read the excerpts. Just wanted you to know how much everyone exposed to this book loves it! I’m looking forward to buying my copy as soon as it’s
published. Have a good weekend. We’ll have your release for you on Monday -later in the day. Best- Hope

Many thanks for sending me Rita Golden Gelman’s Tales of a Female Nomad, which I read this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed. I hope the book has the success it deserves, and here’s a squib which you’re welcome to use in any way that’s useful.

“This is a courageous, gentle, fascinating book, but be forewarned–it’s no idle arm-chair read. Like all of the best travel writing, Rita Golden Gelman’s wanderings are likely to provoke powerful self-examination, which could easily catalyze your own wanderlust and curiosity. Now if only this book could find its way on to George W. Bush’s reading list.”–Alexander F. Lobrano, European Correspondent, GOURMET

Hi Rita,
Reading your book, I thought of you as an un-met friend . . .
Best wishes, Monika – Hamburg

” . . . an idiosyncratic but exuberant homage to wanderlust.”
– Virginia Kirkus