ServasI write about some of my Servas experiences in the book. Servas is an organization of travelers and hosts throughout the world. It’s a peace organization that was born in Denmark at the end of WW II in the hope that people connecting across cultures would prevent future wars. But there’s very little ideology. Mostly it’s good, caring people connecting with good, caring people….who happen to be from different countries.

Everyone is screened and the experience is extraordinary. No money is exchanged, but it’s not a free hotel. It’s very much a cultural interaction. You are expected to have dinner and spend the evening with the family during the two nights you stay with them. Which is exactly what I want to do.

I’ve met Servas people in Israel, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and New Zealand. You get to choose hosts who are a good fit because there’s plenty of information about each host. Age, occupation, interests, languages spoken, places lived and traveled, and more. It’s a safe, warm, welcoming experience. Servas hosts are looking for international travelers and happy to be hosting you.

Check their website for information, applications, and rules.